Review: By Your Side

I had been wanting to read this book for a little while, ever since it got published a month ago. Unfortunately I don’t have a funny story to go with this, hence the fact that I read it in bed, in the comfort of my own home. The moral is still the same though, that I truly enjoyed it!

30256248Author: Katie West

Published: January 31st

This book is about a girl, Autumn, who gets locked in the library over the weekend. She had planned to go up to a cabin with her friends, and long time crush Jeff, but ended up left behind and forgotten about. However, it turns out Autumn isn’t the only one locked in the library over the long weekend. Dax, the local troublemaker, is locked in right alongside her. In this book we are shown the heartfelt moments between them while locked in the library, but also, an aspect of the book I wasn’t prepared for; what goes on outside of the library in the couple of days following their “release”.

Normally, I’m not a big fan of love-triangels. I always end up rooting for the wrong person, and end up disappointed and a bit sad afterwards that the main character didn’t choose the partner I saw most fit. And that was also the case with this book, at least to some extent. Jeff and Dax were both wonderful characters. Each with their own set of flaws and perfections, so I had a hard time picking one favorite and sticking with it. However, what made this book stand out from others I have read, is that I wasn’t disappointed at who she ended up picking, even if I hadn’t exactly hoped for that outcome. The fact that West accomplished this, is something I have great respect for!

Autumn, the main character, is also someone I have great respect for. Although she is struggling with anxiety, she is a strong and independent character. I felt connected to her. Even in situations I felt she acted irrational, which she hardly did, I couldn’t bring myself to get mad at her, and the desire to fling the book at the wall was only slightly there.

The world building was also well pulled of. The fact that they were locked in a library didn’t seem as unrealistic as I might have thought it to be before reading this book. The home-life of Autumn was portrayed in a believable was, and could almost feel like my own sometimes.

Overall, I really liked this book. It was a light, easy contemporary read, not too heavy on the heart strings!

4.5/5 stars!



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